Wednesday, January 01, 2014


We talked over dinner last night, about our resolutions for the New Year.  Here' sweat we came up with:

Eliza resolves to:
  - start each day by waking up.
  - not watch baseball (in the off-season).
  - not consume any illegal substances
  - not commit any felonies
  - remain a non-smoker
  - not watch any WWE events on pay-per-view
  - refrain from eating road kill
  - not become an arsonist, a vegan or Hindu

The mister resolves to:
  - not cheer for the Yankees
  - hate Ohio State
  - not eat quinoa
  - end each day by sleeping
  - not buy any curtains, throw pillows or bath towels
  - retain possession of his Man Card
  - not become a referee for water polo, a fashion consultant or a spelling bee judge
  - not throw rocks at airplanes

Flash resolves to:
  - not get arrested
  - drink large quantities of Mt. Dew
  - avoid physical exertion including outside chores, team sports and exercise
  - listen to music, text friends and play video games daily
  - study and do homework only when absolutely necessary and required
  - remain skeptical about all plans and intentions initiated by Mom.
  - not grow a handlebar mustache

We think these are pretty good goals, don't you?

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