Monday, March 04, 2013

The First Day

The Mister left this morning for work related travel. I wasn't home an hour before his absence was tangibly felt. First, I had to make dinner. The whole dinner. And get plates and all ready. Even as Flash and I tried to point out the silver lining's I. the Mister's absence, (parking in the middle of the garage, sleeping in the middle of the bed...) I realized I couldn't even turn the TV on. I have no idea how to work all the remotes we have now. I handed them over to Flash and said, "you do it." He asked me what I wanted to do. I thought this was surely a trick question. I was handing him all the remotes to the TV, wasn't it rather clear I wanted the darn thing on?! Apparently, I had to specify antenna or satellite before I had even seen the menu of shows. Good grief.

Even with TV on, things didn't improve. Flash found a show he liked, which I promptly made fun of (he gave me permission to). But when I tired of that entertainment, I quickly started nagging him to teach me the game he was playing on his phone. Which must have been annoying to him because he started begging for The Mister to come home already.

Zoiks. We still have four more days of this.

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