Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Joke's on Us

We finally celebrated Christmas with my sister and her family this weekend. They had been on a cruise, we had been sick and then there was this wedding...

In any case, my sister, much to our excitement, gave The Mister and me a queen-size electric blanket with dual controls. Which, of course, led to us reminiscing about our mom and how she once switched the controls on her future in-laws' electric blanket, turning one up just a bit and the other down just a bit. My grandparents spent the night wondering why one couldn't get warm no matter how high they turned their knob, while the other couldn't get the darn thing to cool off. In all fairness, my mom, a great practical joker, was exacting revenge on a man who pinned her coat sleeve shut then kindly offered to help her on with it. Teasing runs on both sides of my family.

The Mister and I immediately put it on our bed when we arrived home. Flash was beyond thrilled to get the smaller one I had been using (which Jules gave me last year) for his bed. (He also got my antique three quarter size bed after the wedding when The Mister moved in with a queen. This whole wedding thing is working out well in his favor!) The Mister and I plugged in the controls, but then switched them around as he had more outlets on his side of the bed. It wasn't until later, when we crawled under the covers that we realized our error.

He was trying desperately to get his side off as he was already too warm; I was trying to figure out why my side wasn't heating up at all....oh Mom, we are such fodder for you down here, aren't we? And to think, we did it to ourselves!

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