Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Telling Flash

The ring is ordered.  Plans are underway and dates are being tossed about.  Knowing we need to contact a pastor before too long, WG and I decided it was time to talk with Flash.  WG wanted to talk with him first, in a sort of asking-permission-hoping-he's-in-favor kind of a way, but having been through this on the not-so-well-handled receiving end before, he was a bit nervous.  But, since Flash needed a ride home today and WG has become Flash's personal taxi as of late, WG decided today was the day.

Not knowing exactly how to start the conversation, WG handed Flash his iPhone, keyed up to a picture of my ordered ring, and said, "I'm not sure how to start this conversation..."

To which Flash replied, "So, this isn't a joke then?"

Fortunately, Flash wasn't joking when he offered his support and blessing upon the idea.


When I arrived home, the boys had finished raking leaves and we all talked about the few details we currently know and expressed mutual agreement on our priorities and goals for this process and occasion.

After negotiating the fickle mind of a teenager, the meeting with the pastor should be a breeze, right?


So, later on, Flash has a couple revelations about what the new arrangement will be like.  "Hey! Wait!  This means we'll finally have a shop vac!"  And later still, "...and WG drinks Bigby coffee, right!  Woohoo, no more Folgers for me!"  And even later still..."Hey!  I will get to watch the Discovery Channel!"  So glad he has his priorities in order.  I know that those are MY top three benefits from marrying WG!!

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