Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bad Date #416

As if I hadn't already figured out in the first five minutes that despite his humor and intellect over email, my date was barely a snail's breath past dull in person. Despite being initially impressed with his choice of dinner locations, he ordered without knowing anything about the dish and then proceeded to eat only one single small item from the sample. Despite choosing an eclectic restaurant known for their wines, he admitted straightaway that he knew little if anything about wine. But perhaps the moment I knew for certain that this date was more than just doomed, it was one to be filed away in the "seriously?" annals, was when I asked further details about his job (just trying to make conversation) and he pulled out dental floss and proceeded to go into an elaborate explanation with paper, pen and floss, about how a gear tooth is measured. Sigh. I just don't think bringing dental floss as a prop is in the "How to Woo a Woman" handbook.

I cannot make this crap up.

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Sarah Louise said...

wow. (hi, it's SL, just was walking down memory lane.) You can't make that stuff up at all.