Monday, April 02, 2012


I need to note (before he smacks me) that Flash took 99% of the pics that I've posted from the weekend.  He's been putting the new camera and photog class to good use, trying out new angles, exposures and shutter speeds to capture various shots.  From Saturday through today, he has taken over 900 pictures.  Nine Hundred.  NINE HUNDRED.
To see how unamused I was at having one.more.picture.taken, see the following:

You see what I mean.  

By today, everyone had been the subject of Flash's camera lens a time or two more than desired. We were distracted during cornholes by the beep and flash of the camera.  Our card playing was interrupted so he could get a better angle on the game.  Sigh.  Perhaps the only one who didn't voice their displeasure was the baby, and that's only because at five months old, she can't yet voice her displeasure.  

So it was no surprise to anyone (except Flash) when his camera was highjacked by a couple family  members....the result:

The Case of Tommy Tomato:

Apparently the only one (or thing) NOT photographed hundreds of times this weekend, was Tommy the Tomato.  He was not happy to be left out.  He took it upon himself to take a few self-portraits while Flash wasn't using his camera. 

Tommy with his friend, Tabasco.

Tommy, posing with Mr. Lizard who was also left out of all other photos this weekend.

Ricardo, the concrete cherub, was jealous, so Tommy posed with him on the deck.

The rock bowl hollered until Tommy came to include them in the photo montage.

We're glad that Tommy Tomato took it upon himself to include these photos in our weekend collection.  We would have hated to have left anyone (thing?!) out!!!

P.S.  Next time, Flash, don't leave your precious camera unattended with G'ma Judy and Birdy around!!

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