Saturday, December 17, 2011

Out of the Mouths

"Miss Eliza?  My dad calls my mom 'Sarah'. "

"Isn't your mom's name Sarah?"

"Yeah, but I call her mom."
"Of course you do, K, but your mom isn't your dad's mom.  She is his wife.  So he calls her by her name."

[silence and a blank stare]

"K, you and your brother get to call your mom, 'Mom' because you are her kids.  But your dad is not your mom's child."

[silence and a blank stare]

"K, you know your grandma and grandpa?  That's your dad's mom and dad.  I bet your dad calls your grandma, 'Mom', doesn't he?"

[silence and a blank stare]

"I just don't get it Miss Wilson."

"I think you should ask your mom, K."

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