Saturday, December 17, 2011


 He had had enough during marching season.  Hated band.  Wanted to quit.  The holiday parade, in particular, nearly threw him over the edge, but his evil mother wouldn't let him quit. 

Symphonic Band started this marking period - a relief from a bad marching season and with it came new music, and the top musicians in band - another relief.

The concert was wonderful, as it always is now that he's in high school.  The band was the last of the many musical performances, and they ended the evening with a Celtic Carol, which received a standing ovation from the parental crowd and pleas for more. 

Even my boy was excited for more. 

Due to scheduling issues with his attendance at the math and science school, Flash won't be able to take band as a class next year.  He'll be able to march, attending band camp and the after school and evening practices, but he won't be able to participate in symphonic again. 

I am certainly going to miss concerts like this.

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