Monday, August 08, 2011


Squeezed in between the week James requested off nearly a year ago and Flash's epic return to band camp, we snuck in a quick but wonderful trip to Tennessee to see my dad and Judy.

Of course there was charring grilling.

And card playing.

Suspicious card playing indeed.

And presents. Who can beat presents?!

I don't understand it, but apparently some teenagers people prefer simple thank you notes to deep-felt hugs! Who knew?

There may have been an unadvertised and certainly not competitive photo shoot.

While we have been taking our children to Tennessee for many years, one thing remains the same: the children never really mature age.

There was tubing, of course.

Which for some reason involves playing the air guitar.
(What would his girlfriend say?!)

There were some of us who returned home with a very sore elbow and stern words from his doctor to "stop acting like you are 20 and just drive the boat!"
but I won't mention any names. Ahem.

There was laughing, of course.

And evil, maniacal water fights.

And beautiful sunsets
(even if these clouds did contain many bolts of lightning and threatening thunder).

We had a great time and all three of us thank the Tennessee clan for their generous hospitality year after year. We hope next time we can stay just a bit longer!

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