Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why I Am An Idiot Part #437

My house is pretty quiet these days. Having no one to cook for, clean up after or talk to, leaves me with far too much time on my hands to dwell on the recent break-up. I decided to throw myself into my school work to keep myself occupied (read that: sane). Last night I spent several hours watching chick flicks working on school work, including loading my car with more materials from my third grade classroom so I could spend the afternoon after summer school and tutoring working in my new room.

I arrived at school with the loaded car only to find an email from the custodians saying they would be waxing floors in my new building today and no one would be allowed into the building until Monday afternoon. Sigh. The best laid plans, you know...

Not to be derailed, however, I took the 80 degree, low-humidity weather as a sign that I should instead spend the day out-of-doors working on my gardens and lawn. (I'll admit, this seemed like an even better idea than Plan A, as I'm still not 100% gung-ho about the idea of first grade and who doesn't love a day spent out in the garden?!?!) I returned home, changed my clothes and was about to head outside when I decided to follow Flash's example - I grabbed my ipod. I was thrilled that I had remembered to charge it the other day; while I love my shuffle, I don't use it nearly as often as the teenager. I even took the time before heading outside to get it hooked behind me and to thread my earphones up through the back of my shirt so the chord wouldn't get in the way of digging, weeding or watering. Flash would be so humiliated proud.

I wasn't outside ten minutes before I realized the error of my ways. My hands were already covered in dirt, I couldn't begin to see or easily forward the songs on the playlist, and I couldn't even easily detangle myself from the contraption altogether to chuck it across the lawn take it back into the house, when I realized I was listening to the playlist WG had put together for our trip to IL last month. Double sigh.

Nothing like an entire playlist of your ex-boyfriend's favorite tunes to help keep your mind off...well, your ex-boyfriend.

Triple sigh.

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Joanna said...

Way to go for having a plan B. When my kids are gone I pretty much just watch Reba.