Sunday, March 27, 2011

Going Once!

Today, WG, Flash and I went to the youth auction after church. There are many items up for bid during a silent auction session followed by a live auction for larger items, with all proceeds going to support the youth programs at our church. After enjoying a nice spaghetti lunch, WG and I wandered through the silent auction items. The first I came to that gave me pause was a basket filled with baby items. With friends expecting later this year, I thought perhaps that might make a nice gift. I decided to pass when I realized that after bringing a new boy with me to church for the past few weeks, it probably wouldn't look good for MY name to appear on an auction list for baby items. This is how rumors start, you know. Later, during the second part of the auction, the live auction for larger items, WG leaned over and pointed at the brochure listing for a weekend getaway. Thinking it might be fun to gather up some of our friends and enjoy a fall weekend at the lake, he suggested we bid. It didn't take us long to chuckle and shake our heads. Two newly dating people at church probably shouldn't bid on the weekend getaway, either. Blasted rumors. So, we left the auction with money in our pockets - but not without winning one item from the silent auction. We thought heading home with an amazing cheesecake would keep us safe from any potential rumors. Of course, if I keep eating this amazingly decadent dessert, those pregnancy rumors might start up regardless.

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Hillary said...

hahaha... oh dear. Blasted rumours indeed! :)

!!! The word verification is whise. As in, you were whise to make those decisions! (Kinda like whet and whindow!) ;)