Monday, June 21, 2010

My Eighth Grade Graduate

I moved you from an upper-middle class Pennsylvania neighborhood elementary school, to a rough-around-the-edges urban middle school. You've confessed to holding back the truth about your first day of sixth grade for fear I'd never forgive myself. You took on Freshman and Sophomore English as a seventh grader and while we had our weekly struggles, you came out with flying colors. You took on Freshman and Sophmore Alegebra and Junior and Senior English as an eighth grader and passed with all A's. You found a passion for film-making and editing, where your creativity and sense of humor ran free and wild. You made friends that are supportive, encouraging and competitive. You've been First Chair trumpet your whole musical life thus far. You are involved in church youth group and have made good friends there as well. You've survived your first girlfriend without heartache or resentment. You've been accepted to a challenging high school program that will push you in math, science and computers without the reward of weighted grades. You are socially confident, friendly and generous.
I am so very proud of you, Jacob.
May high school be all that you dream it to be and more.

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Myra said...

We are so proud of you, too, Jacob. For all of the things your mama shared....and add to it for being a joy and support to her as she carves a new life, a new garden, a new career. For pushing ahead past fear, unfamiliarity and status quo. For just being fun, intense, intelligent you.