Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Someday Farm has a new addition.  No farm is complete without a barn cat it would seem.  Charlotte is here to be the official mole killer of the farm.  The critters are tearing up our lawn something fierce and The Mister is Not.Pleased.  So not pleased in fact, that he agreed to a cat!! Granted, she has to live outside and May Not Under Any Circumstances Come Indoors, but still, it's a cat and so I took the deal.

Of course, The Mister has been seen holding and playing with said "mole catcher".  And just yesterday he said he thought about bringing her down to the basement where we were watching TV.  Ahem.

So, she currently lives in the garage and gets to play in the potting room when we are in there.  She loves going outside to romp and play under the bushes.  And we enjoy watching kitten antics and see hunting instincts take over.  She's a joy and a wonderful addition to the farm.

Welcome, Charlotte!
(Now, go catch those moles!)

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