Sunday, March 19, 2017

Shit Happens

As if our week wasn't going badly enough, yesterday, the septic system decided to join in the game.  In hindsight, we are glad we were home as we were able to somewhat mitigate the two leaks in our basement (until a plug we had gradually been opening in order to slowly release the back-up pressure suddenly came off completely - I will spare everyone the details, but it wasn't pretty).

The Mister still amazes me in such situations.  He talked with the septic guy a time or two, but he knew how to find the tank in the yard, how far to dig to get to the cap and what to look for once he got it opened.  He also knew how to unplug the problem, and how to remedy the situation well enough that we could survive until Monday when the septic guy could come out to pump the tank.

To say it was The Most Disgusting Thing Ever doesn't begin to describe it.  But, we dealt with it side by side, standing in shit - dealing with it, solving it and cleaning it up.  It's part of life - it's part of owning a home (hopefully avoidable from here on out - ) but it's also part of being married.  Problems aren't his or mine, they are ours.  Big or small, fun or crappy - we're in this together.

Later, soaking in the hot tub, we laughed about the day's events.  We were so grossed out and yet we were so glad to have each other there to help the process.

I am always grateful for The Mister, but I now know that no matter how shitty life gets, he won't ditch me!

(I am certain my dad and second mom are very relieved to have been here LAST weekend!)

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