Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Bovines

Samson - without his halter!  He is making slow but sure progress in learning to trust us. We have been talking for awhile now about how much we'd like to get his halter and short lead off of him.  The other day, while he was eating, I was able to rub him quite a bit and I thought I might just be able to unbuckle the harness (while he was somewhat distracted with grain).  I hollered out to The Mister to make sure he was still in agreement with me taking it off.  I didn't know it then, but he later confessed that he actually rolled his eyes when I asked that, despite responding with, "Yes, of course!" as he didn't think I could possible get it off him.  Samson let me unhook it (it took a couple tries, with him scurrying away, but he comes right back to the grain bowl) and then it dropped right off!  We were all happy to see him run around without it on for a change!

The Mister has built a little pen for us to work with Samson in.  It's inside the shelter, so it's a little intimidating as two sides are completely blocked in with the walls of the shelter and the other two are fence panels and a gate. I went in with him today and gave him some grain and carrots.  He was fine as long as he had food, but got a little nervous when it ran out and he had to face the fact that he was trapped with me in this pen (I was a little nervous, too!) 

However, after much calm prodding, and being very still, he did finally take some apple quarters from my hand, the last time, I even got to scratch his head with my other hand while he took the apple.  We were all happy to have The Mister open the gate back up, however!  Trust works both ways!

Of course, while we are trying to work with Samson, we have to keep Delilah away.  The Mister ties her up to a nearby tree and gives her just a little grain.  Today, when she finished (which doesn't take long) she picked up her bowl and tossed it.  She did it over and over again.  I think it's bovine for "Waiter!  Waiter!  More carrots and grain, please!"

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