Monday, July 11, 2016

Borrowing Littles

The Mister and I really enjoyed our spring break trip to Tennessee and North Carolina, especially spending time with Littles!!  We suggested to Garrett and Diana that maybe they could take a vacation and leave The Littles with us, which they thought sounded like a great idea!  So, The Littles spent a week at Someday Farm, some of it with Garrett and Diana here and some of it on our own together.

There were tractor rides with Uncle James.

Can't beat driving a John Deere around the farm!

Unless you go to Aunt Julie's house where she made cardboard houses to play in!

Thanks, Aunt Julie!!

Coloring was a bit hit with Little A!

Little G preferred digging in the dirt!

There was a parade for the Fourth of July with firetrucks...

...and tractors!

We even had a picnic lunch!

Mmmm!  Watermelon!

Cousin Emily made a glow-stick crown...

...which Little A wore for days, even when making breakfast!

We visited a children's museum, where we drove an ambulance...

...picked apples...

...pumped water...

...and vaccinated our pets!

Uncle James even enjoyed the museum
even though it was supposed to just be fun for kids!)

We learned about sharks while we were there!

And then we played in a HUGE water fountain.  
(Which was no fun at all!)

There's Uncle James again, acting like a kid!

We played Uno...

...and we found a painted turtle!! 
(We named it "Shelly")

We helped Uncle James pick potatoes for dinner.

Look at this big one!!

And finally mom and dad came home!!  

Thanks Garrett and Diana for letting us borrow your little ones!

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