Thursday, December 24, 2015

Decorating at the Farm

Decorating for the holidays has been so much fun on the farm.  It goes something like this:  I get an idea in my head.  I ask The Mister to go fetch me a few things from around the property.  Some branches, some evergreen boughs, maybe some pinecones.  And then I put them all together into something festive!  
The garland on the front porch looks fabulous!  (The Mister even put lights on it for me!)
I put together a rustic centerpiece for the table. 

Even the chicken feeder on the coffee table got a holiday upgrade.

I have so many mason jars it's impossible not to include them in the decorations!

The box by the front door was perhaps the easiest of all to put together but it's The Mister's favorite. 

My favorite?  The evergreen that The Mister fought with to adorn with Christmas lights.  The tree is up by the house, far from the road, where we didn't really think many would even see it.  He did it just for me.  Because I mentioned once that "Someday" we should think about lighting it.  I came home from work to see the love of my life with two long poles duct taped together desperately trying to get lights to the top.  He calmly welcomed me home and then said, "Go inside."  I watched from the kitchen window as I made dinner and he fought with the branches, the poles and the cold to get the lights up on the tree.  It turns on every morning when I am getting ready for school, and again when I am scheduled to come home. 

While it turns out you can see it from a mile or two down the road, I know that he did it just for my eyes to see.  My heart sees it too, Chief.  I love you back!

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Second Mom said...

Love is shared in so many ways. Beautiful story.