Wednesday, August 05, 2015


Yesterday a card arrived from California.  With ten days to go until Flash arrives back home, it was a delight just to see his handwriting on the card and to know that he thought of his mom's birthday all on his own.  Today, an Amazon box arrived.  While I am certain the gifts themselves will delight me, just the cards on the boxes make me adore this child.  A long-standing tradition between us, he has written hints on each one.  "tricky but useful", "might help with the organization of certain things,, and "might be an already solved problem."  His grandma Jenny would be so proud of his tag-writing skills.  

The Mister felt badly about his gift after I opened the Amazon box, but frankly, the man didn't stand a chance.  I basically told him what to get for me (a new camera lens that Jacob owned but was taking to California and college with him) and then begged him to let me have it early when I wanted to take some pictures in the yard the other night.  Poor man.  He puts up with my craziness so well.

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