Monday, July 13, 2015

Lesson Learned

The Mister was working with Big John on the garden area.  They had many stumps to pull out and a few things to burn in the Big Hole In the Ground.  I was around back of the house fighting a beast of a weed in a flower bed.  I heard The Mister yelling - I caught "Eliza!  Come quick!!"  There was more to what he said, but I was already running through the gravel worried that Big John had tipped over or the yard was on fire or The Mister was having a heart attack...

Reaching the front of the house, Big John and The Mister were parked mid-way down the drive way.  The Mister is still yelling, "Eliza!!!  Come here!!!"  but now I hear the rest of the sentence..."and bring your camera!!"

There was a snake, apparently, which The Mister loathes, but since he was up on Big John, he was able to admire from the safety of the yellow tractor seat.

I did not go fetch my camera.  I stood for a moment in the drive thinking, "Are you kidding me?!?!"  But then I returned to the back of the house to let the adrenaline and my emotions regain a normal tempo.  The Mister found me there and offered his sincerest apology.  I don't think he will scare his wife like that again.

But he would like me to get a picture of the snake.

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