Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Walk Around the Farm

The previous owners had mowed trails through the property (a tradition The Mister is eager to follow!) and each evening we enjoy a walk through the acres enjoying the sights and sounds of nature.  The Mister was thrilled to see me take along my camera the other night and I was thrilled to be back to taking pictures again!
 Frogs (and toads) abound on our property.  With a lily pad pond in front and a marsh out back we see (and hear) all shapes and sizes!

Jacob was particularly excited about this tiny little toad!

 We have black raspberries growing everywhere!  Someday I might make jelly, but for now, we just consider them to be dessert!

 The Mister very nearly held this bird.  He didn't seem scared of us in the least and just sat as though posing for the picture. 

 Even the weeds seem unique and beautiful in their own right!

 We have pear, apple and cherry trees.  

We will have to learn how to maintain fruit trees so we can enjoy their bounty!  While I am partial to the cherry trees, The Mister is excited about this pear tree!

 The color of the wildflowers is magnificent!

 All of God's creatures seem to be out on our walk...

And every single drop of rain seemed more beautiful. 

Oh how blessed we feel!

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