Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Vacation

The boys (and a friend) came down a week later and met me at Dad's for another week of vacation.  While the week was dubbed "Prank Week" by the two teens (think jalapenos in Mt. Dew and snakes in the Mister's bed...) looking back, I'd have to say it was FUN WEEK!!

 There was the annual Bags Tournament.  

 Tate tried his hand at tubing.
 That boy could defy gravity! 
You think he's going to end up in the lake here, but he keeps right on tubing!!

 The Mister didn't want to be outdone. 
 Even I gave it a whirl.  A slower, gentler whirl.

 Then there was the show-off. 

 While this looks impressive, it should be noted that Flash's attempt to stand on the tube, lasted, well, for a flash.  

This spelled trouble from the start.

 As if the two teenagers could cause trouble on a tube.

Papa made sure they got some air.

 The boys tried out kneeboarding.

 Even the Mister.

Every summer, Flash tries water skiing.

 He and the lake have spent a lot of time getting to know each other.

 But this year, we saw a new sight!  Flash up on skis grinning from ear to ear!
Way to go, Flash!

Next time, we sure hope Flash chooses to take a friend who can loosen up a bit more and have some fun.

 And I sure hope the Mister can just chillax while we're there.

 Nothing beats a vacation on the lake!
Thanks, Dad and Judy for letting us crash (again) at your amazing place!  

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