Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Worth Waiting For

 He has this way...

...of making me laugh when I am on the verge of tears.
...of knowing just which night is the perfect night for him to take care of dinner.
...of listening as though he has nothing else he'd rather do.
...of playing with The Boy and yet still being a good step parent.
...of fixing things I thought you had to pay someone to fix.
...of making every household project end with a paint brush in my hand.
...of surprising me with his thoughtfulness.
...of making grocery shopping almost tolerable.
...of caring about my kids at school almost as much as I do.
...of playing Canasta that would make my father cringe but makes The Boy and I laugh.
...of sharing responsibilities with me like we've done it all our lives.
...of cooking that makes me wonder why I ever set foot in the kitchen at all.
...of finding jobs in the yard that "require" a tractor.
...of saying yes to my crazy, impulsive ideas and then making them work.
...of making the transition from bachelor to family man without regret.
...of looking the other way when the cashier rings up my sale at the greenhouse.
...of sharing his Jeep with The Boy, and giving the necessary parental lecture as well.
...of making my irrational fears be okay.
...of finding uses for a blow torch.
...of watching his favorite ball game muted so I can do grad work.
...of admitting when he was wrong without surrendering his Man Card.
...of making any food in the fridge a breakfast item.
...of hating the Yankees as much as I do.
...of routinely unclogging the bathroom drain even though it is my hair that plugged it.
...of introducing us to shows like "Duck Dynasty" and the new "Dallas".
...of staying silent when I buy one.more.thing. for my classroom.
...of picking up dog poop, or emptying the dishwasher even though they are The Boy's chores.
...of making an evening on the deck seem like paradise.
...of keeping rubber bands for my hair in the Jeep in case we put the top down.
...of making all of our dreams feel like genuine possibilities.
...of making me wonder how I survived all those years without DirectTV and a DVR.
...of making what was a spacious garage seem far too small for our vehicles, tools and toys.
...of making 3AM seem like a perfectly reasonable time to go to work every day.
...of making a vacation with my family sound like the best way to spend his time off.
...of adoring me that makes me feel like the luckiest woman in the world.
...of making this marriage, and this life together well worth the wait.

Happy Six-Month Anniversary to MY Mister!!!  

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