Saturday, April 20, 2013

He is His Papa's Grandson

Returning home from the store with our new television in the back, Flash unknowingly brought up a conversation point The Mister and I had already discussed; the issue of our lack of curtains in our living room. (I still contend that curtains should be decided upon after couches have been purchased, but with the priorities in our home placing a new TV higher then new couches, we still lack any window treatments.)

"I don't think there are funds left for curtains now," The Mister explained to Flash. "We might just have to use black trash bags for awhile," he joked.

"We are NOT white trash!" I exclaimed.

"I think his idea would actually make us black trash, mom. Black trash bags...."

Oiy. As if weeks of my husband researching and talking about televisions wasn't enough like my father, now I have his sense of humor piping up from the backseat, too.

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