Thursday, December 27, 2012

No Room at the Inn

Yesterday afternoon, curled up the couch, fighting day ten of a miserable cold and just killing time until my doctor's appointment, I noticed something amiss with the crèche on top of the armoire.

"Um, Chief? What's on the crèche? Up by the star? Is that a bat?!"

Chief didn't have to look twice to know I was exactly right. Nestled up against the beautiful star he had created just a few weeks ago, was a most unwelcome addition to our manger scene.

"Go outside."

I admit freely and readily here, no greater words have been spoken. For once, I didn't have to man up and figure out how to rid my nativity of a bat. Chief did. So, I did exactly as instructed. I grabbed my coat and the dog and headed outside. Chief followed long enough to get his step ladder from the garage and to talk aloud of his plan for the creature's demise. I just nodded eagerly at any suggestion that did not involve my help.

In my honest disclosure, I have to say, being the one who has already had rabies shots, there is an ounce of guilt that I am not in there dealing with this issue, but not nearly enough guilt to make me assist. About the time I thought I should remind Chief to not let the creature go should he get scratched or bitten, he came out the front door with the unwanted guest in a dish towel, gave it a hard thwack against the trash barrel and threw it all inside.

My hero. Truly.

He later told me bits and pieces of his heroic effort, but at the words, "when it jumped..." and, "so I set the crèche on top of it to keep it still..." I had to beg him to stop. Too much information.

So, Star of Wonder, I appreciate you providing a bit of warmth to the furry bat that took lodging there briefly (I hope it was briefly). Chief, you will forever be my hero for letting me be the sissy girl. Flash, this is the second time you have been ansent for a bat extraction. Duly noted. The next one is all yours. And to the THREE pets, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?

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Erin said...

I would be terrified to find a bat in my house! you did the right thing by going outside!
Random note, I saw this online and thought of you instantly.