Monday, September 24, 2012

There are Two

I had no idea the trouble that would come from playing Scarbble with WG.  First, it was just a casual game or two, out on the deck usually, occasionally with Flash and his girl, but usually just the two of us.  For a man who is often stuck on what word he means to say, WG was quickly addicted to what I originally thought was an ill-suited game.

It got worse when he discovered the iPhone app.  Now he plays at work against the computer, or he plays with me, when he is at home watching the Tigers game and I am at home curled up in bed reading on my iPad.

Then we started playing on our devices sitting next to each other on the sofa.  Sad, perhaps, but now that he can use a built-in dictionary and has a quick reference to all the two-letter words, there is no going back to the traditional board version of the game.

He has gotten to be such an addict that he will mention how many points a word is in regular conversation.  Or he'll announce how many of those letters are in the game.  He can tell you what word he has scored the highest with, and what his highest point total for a game has been.  I was already looking into a 12-step program for him before tonight's incident.

Tonight, sitting side by side on the couch, him with his iPhone and me with my beloved iPad, we went back and forth in a couple of games.  As I sat wondering what the odds were for me to get a "c" to make the word "juice", I inquired of the new Scrabble genius at my side, "How many c's are in Scrabble?"

To which my beloved man answered by exiting the game and looking at the name on the app, "There is only one 'c' in "Scrabble"."

He knew his error the minute the last word came out of his mouth, but by then I was in a fit of giggles.  Oh my dear sweet man, I meant in the game itself.

I never did get the answer, but I think he might be calling the hotline even as I type.

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