Thursday, September 01, 2011

It's That Time Again

My tomato plants look dreadful but we've gotten three batches of canning done thus far. Probably one more and that will be the last of it. The garden just wasn't quite right this year, but we're enjoying what we can of it! Come winter time, we're going to sure love having our own tomatoes to enjoy in pasta sauce, chili and soups!

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Jennifer said...

My beautiful, out of control tomato plants are nothing but parched, brittle sticks now :( This dang drought and 30+ days of 100+ degree temps was just too much for my sprinkler and my beautiful garden. I finally gave up and just let nature take its course. I wish I knew how to can, because buying store-bought tomatoes really stinks :( The 1 and only batch of fresh-made-from-scratch spaghetti was THE BEST I've ever made. And now we only have the memories of it....until next year!