Friday, June 24, 2011

What's Between His Ears Then?

For Christmas, I gave Flash two concert tickets to a Christian music festival in June. Last night was the night for his favorite rock band to perform and so I drove Flash and a friend an hour and a half north of home to a muddy, messy fairgrounds. The boys had planned to be there early to catch a few other groups, so my waiting time in Po-dunk, Michigan was going to stretch somewhere between 6 or 7 hours. While it wasn't ideal, I figured I could sit and read in my car as easily as anything and it would certainly save on gas and mileage.

WG, had been travelling further north for work yesterday and being the uber-boyfriend, added nearly 50 miles to his trip just to meet me for dinner (totally his idea, not mine). We had just gotten seated at the restaurant down the road from the concert when Flash sent me a text. "Hey Mom! Pastor B says hello!" It wasn't a shock that he might run into people we know, especially our pretty-hip pastor from church, but what excited me most was the idea that maybe I wouldn't have to wait, maybe he just found a ride home.

"Does he have room in his car for two more?" I texted back.

"I don't know, I didn't ask him." Of course not. That's adult logic, not teen logic.

"If you see him again, perhaps you could ask."

"He's sitting right next to us."

"So, maybe you could ask?!?"

"Ask him what?!"

At this point, WG is laughing hysterical in the booth with me. I am giving that look of "Are you kidding me??" and counting the hours until Flash and his completely absent teenage brain are a problem for his father and not for me.

"Ask him if he has room in his car..." You know, so you mother doesn't have to spend SIX HOURS ON A RAINY THURSDAY NIGHT IN THE PARKING LOT OF WALMART!?!??!


As it turns out, Pastor B did not have room, but as I sat and waiting (and listened to the concert, which I could hear quite clearly from where I parked) I realized that as a parent, there was nothing I would rather do with my evening than sit and wait for my teenager to attend a Christian concert with a friend from school, filling their hearts and souls with Christian lyrics and encouragement. They were soggy and a muddy mess when it was all over, but they are pumped up for the Lord!

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everyday gifts said...

HA! i can totally relate to all aspects of this story! i always carry ny "mom's busy bag" filled with books and knitting projects for the waiting times. and i know that my boys do not understand the inconvience they are sometimes or the sacrifices that we make to see them involved in positive activies... but i wouldn't do it any other way!!!