Thursday, July 08, 2010

I Keep Forgetting

That some of you out there don't know me on Facebook. Which is really all fine and dandy except that I keep posting things on FB and NOT here and then I get these sweet little emails saying...."Did you fall off the earth?" and I realize that you're not at all up to speed over here in Bloggerland.


So, there's the fact that Jacob is gone (again - you know, it's summer). One month until he returns. I can do it.

So, the garden. Yeah, um...I'm starting to panic.

And then there's the big news that I never seemed to reveal (how rude was that?!)

So, here's what I propose (and you really get no vote in the matter, so hush. Yes, Mig, you in the back, that means you.) I'm going to post over the next few days HERE and catch you up. Cause that's how nice I am. But I'm not going to do it yet today.


But it's coming!


Hillary said...

Ah, the FB/blogger conundrum! I haven't blogged in MONTHS. It's terrible.

Do you friend blog stalkers, er, I mean readers on FB? :) I'm searchable by Hillary Uren if you want to add me!

Hillary said...

(And it's ok if you don't, too! I konw lots of people who have rules about FB friends!)