Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Godsidence

I cannot begin to articulate how badly my day stunk. One of those days where despite the fact that I've been covering for a co-worker (my boss) who is out on medical leave (for the past many months) without any added benefit, today was a day of pointing fingers in my very specific direction. Without cause.

So yeah, a feel-good kind of a why-can't-I-just-quit-my-job kind of a day.

It's all because of this new literacy curriculum we're learning this year - curriculum I really enjoy and love and believe in. I'm sure it's not without its faults, but in general, I believe that giving children the tools necessary to decode our compicated language is a step in the right direction.

So, I sat through a day-long inservice where we were supposed to be covering new material and instead...well, it just was ugly and not fun at all.

So I arrive home looking forward to my once-a-week dinner to myself (while Flash is at youth group, I enjoy a little solitude) trying to shake the stress of this day and wishing that I could be working with a team of enthusiastic teachers on this new curriculum when I spy a box by my back door. The box we all love - the one that says it's from Amazon, the heaven of all boxed surprises!

I told Flash he had a package (his birthday was a week ago - what, I haven't blogged about that?!?) and then saw my name on the label. I immediately squealed and said, "It's from Stacy! It's from Stacy!" 'cause I know my dear, amazing friend, Stacy has this amazing ability to know exactly what to say and do at exactly the moment I need her to say or do those things. She is full of grace and generosity with word, deed and spirit and can transform a difficult moment in my life into a blessing just by her perspective. In short, I adore her, and I KNOW she is an angel that God has placed in my life.

The box contained two books. One that is what appears to be, a delightful tale that has to do with language and letters.

Do you see what I mean? Just as I was wishing for SOMEONE to appreciate our language and the joy of learning it - it is Stacy to my rescue. Saying here, read this book alongside me so we can talk about it!

I don't have the words to articulate my gratitude, today, Stace. You are an amazing gift in my life - one that you may never truly understand the magnitude of. I love you, too!!

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