Monday, November 16, 2009

Tough Love

George gets a little anxious about being picked up from school. He's just certain he's going to be left, forgotten and stranded, although it has never actually happened. We thought it was just because he doesn't know where my classroom is as easily this year, but it turns out he had a similar panic when it was his mom picking him up from school instead of the usual bus ride. After tears were shed and many promises for punctuality were made, George was still upset that my sister refused to park her car and go into the school to find him. She had promised she'd be in the circle drive, with all the other parents for pick-up, but that because they were in a rush to get to the game Birdy was cheering at, she didn't have time to park and come in. This didn't sit well with George at all. My sister reminded him that if she wasn't the first car immediately outside of the doors, to just look down the line of cars and he would see her; she would be there, she promised.

As George headed out the door that morning and down to the bus, my sister asked him where was her usual kiss goodbye. George looked over his shoulder and replied, "You don't get one today. You haven't earned it."

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