Sunday, September 20, 2009

Well That Explains It Then

Birdy came home from school the other day excited that one of her friends was going to have a baby brother by C-section in a few weeks. George wanted to know what a C-section was. My sister delicately explained to her nine-year old son that a C-section is when they have to cut a mommy's tummy to get the baby out that way. She went on to explain that George had been delivered by C-section.

"But not me!" Birdy exclaimed.

"How did Birdy get out of your tummy?" asked a very curious George.

My sister pondered and thought of how to as delicately explain that process especially considering they were all at the dinner table and was proud of herself when she answered with, "Well, babies usually come out of a mommy's girl parts."

George looked quizzically at my sister and then asked in complete bewilderment, "Babies come out of your boobs?"


Jennifer said...

I wonder if that might be less painful? :)

Hillary said...

heeheehee! So cute! But I was thinking that might be a heck of a lot MORE painful!

stacy said...

i am rolling on the floor over here! HA HA