Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So I should be caught up now. I'm sure I've missed a few funny quips from George in there and I could dialogue about raising a teen, but ya get the idea. Basically, I'm savoring my life. Soaking up every minute. I just love it.

I invite you all to come visit. Especially when there are leaves to rake, snow to shovel or paint to put on walls! No, really, just come and sit and savor life with me for awhile!

And now that I'm all caught up on blogging, off to NaNoWriMo I go! (not to mention Christmas cards that need to be done by December 1st!)


I know I need different curtains, and I only hung pictures where they left nails in the walls (for now) but it's a start.

from the living room, looking into the den/sunroom/piano room

ah, paint samples on the fireplace. Yep, already got the itch.

This wallpaper will.come.down soon! I'm just not sure what I'm going to do for color in this room.

looking back to the front door from the den/sun/piano room

from the den/sun/piano room, looking across the living room. You can see the bathroom door. To the left is Flash's room. To the right the guest room.

The Guest Room.

The Guest Room. (This was my bed, but it won't fit upstairs with the slanted ceilings. Fine by me, I'm hoping not to sleep on a 3/4 sized bed for my whole adult life. For now, I have the mattress and box springs upstairs, though.)

The downstairs bath.

Looking into the kitchen from the living room. On the very left of this picture you can see the stairs that go up to the master suite.

Obviously, the kitchen.

My room. It's the whole upstairs. Ironically, Bear helped to refinish this room many years ago.

more of my room, including a peek into the bath.

Flash's room. Okay, no, not really. I took this picture when we were moving in. He had to keep his room cleared out so the furniture could all be put in place, so he camped out in his closet to do his homework. I don't have a current picture of his room because it's a pit. (Shocking, I know!)

The back of the house.

More of the back, including the back of the garage.

Looking back. The fencing with the beautiful (gag) green will be REPLACED with a white picket fence per the neighbor's daughter. How sweet is that?

The Orchard

aka Heaven on Earth

All these people know what I'm talkin' about.

Ahhh, Honey Crisps!! ($.75 at the you-pick, now $1.99 a pound at the store!)

Simply amazing!

Gotta taste test the product on site!

Definitely keepers!

I had to show this. It's my strapplesauce, but it kinda looks like it belongs in Fatal Attraction, doesn't it? (no rabbits were harmed in the canning of my applesauce!)

We even had a special (but dead) visitor come home with us.

Sex Ed: Beyond the Lecture

(Can I just start by saying that I cannot believe I did not blog about this when it happened?)

Before Flash left for the summer (yes, you in the back, I know I haven't blogged in forever...) we decided to have a special night out together. I had been to Monaco Bay (made famous by our own Matt Giraud) a few times with TB and others, but Flash was eager to see what all the fuss was about. I took him on a Friday night at 7 for their special "Dinner Show".

Note: Before I even start let me say this: I know that a bar is no place for a child. And I know first-hand how out of hand these places can get as the evening progresses. On the times I had been there previously, I found it was a great place to be until about midnight and then every bachelorette around seemed to think it was a great place for a drunken party. In any case, I also knew that this "dinner hour" was supposed to be quite tame, a FAMILY event, with caution...I proceeded)

Flash was thrilled to be there. We checked with the bouncer at the door to verify that Flash could indeed come in, he just had to leave by 9. (The bouncer did tell us that if the evening was pretty slow, they often let minors stay a bit longer, it was up to the parent's discretion.) There was another family with two younger children across the restaurant, so all seemed well.

Within a half hour, however, the first bachelorette party arrived, complete with bobbling penises upon their heads. I was mortified to be sitting there, having dinner with my teenage son, but we had just ordered our greatly overpriced dinner, so we decided to stick it out. Bachelorette #1 proceeded to give Flash a great visual lesson in "what happens when a girl drinks too much" out on the dance floor. I tried to use it as a teachable moment.

By 8, two more bachelorette parties had arrived and set up shop. One party brought along their very own 3 foot-tall inflatable penis and put it on the table. Luckily (?!) Flash had his back to this table and missed out on all the antics that accompanied said penis.

The other party was fairly tame, except for the attire of the bride-to-be. Flash again took note of exactly how bizarre people act when they are drunk. Teachable moments abounded.

Around 8:30, one of the piano players took a request for "Leroy Brown". In an effort to encourage crowd participation I suppose, he solicited the family with young children seated in front of the stage. He informed the kids that while parents might tell you not to swear, if you're just singing song lyrics, it's not really swearing! He taught them the words to the chorus and then encouraged them to sing along LOUDLY as the crowd belted it out one last time. "...baddest man in the whole $#%! town..." Ahem. Flash stared at me in disbelief. Yes, son, this is how adults can behave badly even when they are sober.

By 9 the retirement party in front of us started to get a little loud. The otherwise tame over-50 crowd was now doing shots alongside the bachelorettes and the retiree (a school teacher nontheless) was now dancing on the table in front of Flash. Sigh.

We decided to depart.

The piano playing was lackluster at best. Their newest talent is lacking just that. It just isn't the same without Matt at the keys. I'm glad I was there a few times to hear him sing and watch him perform with personality before he moved on to stardom.

I'm sure that nights like these won't help me earn Mother of the Year, but I expect Flash and I will giggle about it for a long time to come!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

He was a fifth grader stationed there only to hold the door but saw me sitting outside the cafeteria and struck up a conversation about his latest feat of shooting (and then eating) a squirrel. He was a delightful child with sweet manners and disposition. He paused in his recollection of his adventure to ask me, "Do you hunt?" He started to shake his head like it was silly of him to have asked a woman if she hunts, but then he said, "No, really, do you?"

"No," I replied with a smile. "I don't hunt."

"Does your husband hunt?" he questioned back.

"I don't have one of those," I replied again with a smile.

"You're not married?" he asked with an element of surprise that I ascribe to his disbelief that a woman of my age could possibly still be single.

"No, I'm not married."

"Not yet, you mean," he said correctingly.

His optimism far outreaches my own on that topic, but just for the day, I let that phrase roll through my mind with hope.

Not yet.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Signed Up - Year 4

16 days to think of a plot...

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Oh I know, I signed the papers, I've surely moved by now and yet no blogging.

Suffice it to say, I am aware.

But I'm also a little overwhelmed by all the decisions required of me at the moment (from where should ziplocs live, to how long can we go mooching off my sister's trash service?) and deciding what witty thing to say on a blog post is just low on the priority list. For now.

Pictures, you say? Oh yeah, I could post those. Of cardboard boxes and pictures strewn all over the living room. You could see the guest room without a bed (what? I have to sleep on something!) and my closet the moving catch-all room. But I'll save you from that. At some point, when I have things more in the general place of where they might live, and when I have a few things on the walls (curtains at the very least) that help make the house a home, I promise I'll show you my favorite things about the house.

So bear with me.

Besides, NaNoWriMo is only a couple weeks away. You might as well get used to me not blogging.