Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Does the Fire-Roasted Chicken Come with Fries?

We were driving home from church tonight and had to pull over to let a fire truck pass. A few blocks later, driving into the setting sun, Flash commented that the road seemed really "dusty" up ahead. I reminded him there was a FIRE nearby (he lives up to his name more often than not lately). As we drove past the local Checker's drive-through we realized the whole back of the restaurant was smoking pretty seriously and the fire truck had joined several police cars in the parking lot.

The most amusing part of this to us? That there were THREE CARS in line to get their fast-food orders at the take-out window. Ahem. People? Look in your rear view mirror and see that the restaurant IS ON FIRE. You might want to just forgo the extra large fries and get out of there before your car is likewise on fire.

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