Sunday, May 03, 2009

In The Name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit

Flash and I were baptized today.

It was a day of serving, learning and obeying.
I hope we both have a lifetime of this.

For anyone who understands the significance, after we returned to our pew, I noticed a mother in front of me directing her daughter's attention to the windows. When I looked, there was a beautiful red cardinal sitting outside the church window looking in. In all the months of attending Haven, I have never seen a bird perch on the window like that. And today, of all days, the day of our baptism, to have a cardinal sitting there. Well, God, I got the message.

And Mom? I love you too.


Katrina said...

How very wonderful! May God bless your walk as you and Flash grow closer to Him every day. Praise the Lord!

stacy said...

oh, amy! i've got tears in my eyes! how incredibly special that the two of you were able to do that together! i'm praising God for your commitment to Him, knowing He has blessings in store for you! \o/