Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Taking Guesses Now

I have a date on Friday. To add a little fun to the otherwise painful first-date experience, here is the pre-date quiz for all my readers. Prizes will be awarded on Saturday to those with the closest guesses. (Note: all questions and options are based on actual dates I have been on.) Answers must be submitted before 6pm Friday.

1. On Friday, will Eliza's date will:
A. Bring props
B. Smoke
C. Not show up
D. Be dressed like a slob
E. Be on time

2. During dinner, Eliza's date will reveal:
A. He was expelled from more than one school
B. He is working on finishing his degree
C. he owes child support money
D. He has been divorced more than twice
E. He has private body parts pierced

3. When discussing their lives to this point, he will reveal:
A. He hasn't spoken to his family in years
B. he has been responsible for a drinking and driving accident
C. He has been arrested for assault
D. He has served several years in the military
E. He is still teying to figure out what he wants to do with his life

4. Talking about his kids, Eliza's date will:
A. Say he thinks smacking them around is the best way to get them in line
B. say he hasn't seen them in quite awhile
C. Describe his parenting style as strict, cool and permissive.
D. Not have anything to say
E. Say he thinks kids are okay, but he doesn't want any.

5. If asked about his mother, Eliza's date will say:
A. She lives with him
B. She would say he is her favorite child
C. They aren't speaking
D. He talks with her every day
E. he puts flowers on her stone several times a year

6. At the end of the date he will:
A. Expect to come home with Eliza
B. be shocked when Eliza turns down his offer for a second date
C. Kiss her goodnight
D. Ask Eliza to drive him home
E. Apologize for the evening


Mig said...

OK. Here are my responses (and I just want to say that the stupid word verification BETTER work for this)

1. My answer is E. Because I am optimistic for you. But reality is probably B. Everyone seems to smoke.

2. My answer is B. Because a good education is important. But reality is probably C. Not paying for your kids seems to be the norm these days.

3. My answer is E. Because he is keeping his options open, EVEN THIS LATE IN LIFE. But reality is probably A. Why not right?

4. My answer is D. (which is really the best option to be non-committal) But reality is probably E. (total buzz kill eh?)

5. My answer is A. (because Mom's love to have their 45 year old sons living with them). But reality is probably C. Because is makes his life easier.

6. My answer is most definitely C. You deserve a pleasant kiss goodnight at the end of a good date (and it will be a good date, or I will have drive 10,000 miles to kick some ass) But reality is probably A. Men tend to think with that other appendage. Idiots.

Hope I made you smile! And let me know how it goes.

Miss you bunches and think of you often!

Jennifer said...

Because I"m in a hurry :)

E, B, D, C, D, C

Hope I win!!! Because that would mean there is a 2nd date, and I really want that for you :)

Katrina said...

1. E (I'm an optimist!)
2. A (expelled for his hard-hitting expose on the principal's scheme of giving good grades to kids who do menial labor at his house)
3. D (Hoo-ah!)
4. D (he's dying to talk about them, but he doesn't want to bore you.)
5. E (what a good son!)
6. C (and it will knock your SOCKS off!)

Hope springs eternal! Have a wonderful time!

Myra said...

Hahahaha...I'm going with straight D's just to be consistent with one E thrown in there because I can't resist and you can figure out which one I mean. I love your humor. And miss you. Hugs from PA!