Saturday, July 07, 2012

The Answers

1. Eliza's date was actually there early. he sent a text to tell me he was going to wait for me outside, but since it was 100 degrees, he went in and got seats. His text also asked if I wanted him to order a drink for me. Sweet, huh?

2. C. Eliza's date will finish his bachelor's degree next April, in business management and operations.

3. D. A Marine. Active six years, including time in Iraq, on reserves for ten.

4. C. He takes parenting seriously. He is involved, committed and wishes he had full custody.

5. B. he has brothers and sisters and halfs of each and steps and I am not sure I even remember just how it all goes, but he loves his mother and she loves him.

6. None of the above. A hug and an agreement that this was a really nice evening and talks about when we might do this again.

I should add, the restaurant wasn't air conditioned, and we sat in what we came to realize was the hottest room they had. Regardless, we sat there for more than six hours talking about anything and everything. He is funny, articulate, intelligent and can I add, YUMMY! :)

Technically, I am not sure who the official winner of the date quiz is...but I think I am a winner tonight!