Friday, July 27, 2012

My Almost Constant Companion

He is by my side all day every day. If I go upstairs, he follows. If I go outside, he's right there with me. If I sit on the couch, he sleeps under the coffee table. When I cook dinner, he lays by the back door. He is never far, not ever. Well, until now.

For the fifth weekend in a row, my neighbors set off fireworks tonight. For some of the previously noisy nights, I have had the a/c on, but it is a gorgeous night and the windows are wide open. And other than the time my sister accidentally shut him in the garage, this was the first time ever that I couldn't find my dog. I called. I looked under my bed, his usual spot. I went downstairs and checked everywhere I could think of. I even opened the back door on the very off chance that I had left him outside. No dog. I finally found him, curled up in a ball in my bathroom back by the shower. Poor pup. He came out briefly then, but could not be convinced the scary noises were over, and he quickly retreated to his new safety spot.

Even as I write this, he is only slowly inching his way out of the bathroom, head down, timid walk, laying down again just outside the door, not daring to come any closer to the bed and the open window.

Is it completely unreasonable to call the police and tell them my neighbors are greatly disturbing my dog's peace?

Poor Eli.

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