Saturday, September 17, 2011

The New Twenty

I realized today that not much has changed in the past twenty years of my life. It used to be I'd be out all night on the weekends, come home, take some aspirin with a big glass of water, put my smoke-infested clothes in the wash and I might even have headed back out at the call of a friend. I'd spend Sunday recooperating from a night out.

Now? I've been out all day, which means I've come inside, taken aspirin to help the joint pain in my hand (from digging up potatoes), allergy medicine with a big glass of water (weeding the strawberry patch), put my dirt and spray paint-covered clothes (shutters) in the wash and I will head back out in an hour to pick up my teenager from band competition. I'll sleep late tomorrow recooperating from a day of outdoor chores today.

Forty? Bah. Same ol' same ol'.

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