Thursday, September 01, 2011

Maybe He Should Have Warned Him

As you know, WG and I have been more off-again than on-again this past week or so. In addition, he's been heavily involved in the Great Battle of the Chipmunks at his house. The little critters are getting into his attic through his eave troughs. He's tried blocking the downspouts, smoking them out of their underground holes and poisoning them with bait. Alvin and his brothers seem to be invincible. With additional time on his hands since we've been apart, he finally set up a stake-out from his bedroom window to spy on the little guys. Eventually, the 22-guage was brought in and he set up a sniper's pose out of his bedroom window. (Apparently this is what boys do. I had no idea.)

Filled with bird shot, WG aimed the 22 and shot Alvin in the neck. The poor chipmunk did a dying back flip and died on the back lawn. Feeling remarkably satisfied and vindicated, WG patted himself on the back and made plans to provide a similar fate to Simon and Theodore. His thoughts were interrrupted by the worried voice of his roommate in the room next door. "WG.....?" came the fretful inquiry.

His roommate, knowing WG and I haven't been talking much this week, had heard a gunshot from behind WG's closed bedroom door and thought the worst.

Apologies were made, new chipmunk-sniper rules have been established at WG's house and I suspect a drink or two may be owed. So while there may not be a new Chipmunk Christmas album produced this year, WG will still be around to sing it for us, should we so desire.

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Jennifer said...

On again? Are you on-again, again?? :)