Saturday, September 24, 2011

Flash + Curbie = ???

Flash has been driving quite nearly every day, most times to school in the morning. Our morning route begins in the dark and involves four-lane, one-way roads and over the past month has included some rainy and foggy mornings. As his experience behind the wheel increases, my confidence has been similarly rising, allowing me to actually take in a bit of the scenery from the passenger seat from time to time.

This morning, heading out to the orchard, I put Flash behind the wheel for additional experience. Aware that I would not get to relish the drive as I often did, needing to keep my attention on Flash and the nuances of this lengthier drive, I was getting situated in the passenger seat as he performed the all-too familiar maneuver of getting us out of the driveway.

Or not-familiar-enough, as it would seem.

Having reminded the boy on many a dark morning that Flash needed to steer clear of the mailbox, on a bright, sunshine-filled Saturday morning, he took the opposite approach and backed the car into the telephone pole on the other side of the drive.

Flash + Curbie = Crashie as it turns out.

The damage is minimal, the plastic covering over the taillight will need to be replaced, but the taillight itself is intact and the bumper is only scuffed, not dented. The boy was deeply apologetic. We switched seats and I drove to the orchard. He drove the return trip, making as many cracks about the incident as I did.

At one point, he commented on the fact that winter is fast approaching and he wondered what it will be like to drive in the snow. I reminded him I was already losing sleep and gaining grey hair over sunny Saturdays in the driveway! Lord help us over the next several months. I thought it was only curbs we needed to look out for. Now we have to keep away from telephone poles to boot!

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