Monday, April 04, 2011

Too Good To Be True

You knew it would happen. Sooner or later it always does. No matter how hard you fight it, or how long you try to stay in denial, it was bound to happen. Some things are just too good to be true and WG is one of them. He buys flowers because "it was a gloomy day". He plans mysterious outings and takes me for day trips to the lake and antique shopping. He offers to grill samon for me because I don't know how to do it. He says he'll help level my stove, fix the side garage door and the weather stripping on the front door next time he's here. He likes the same movies, the same food and the same lazy Sunday afternoons as I do. He has gone to church with me for a month straight and even signed the registry this week. He is amazed with my cooking and baking. When we made plans to go to a Red Sox v. Tigers game, he made certain to include Flash. Sigh. I knew it was too good. I knew it couldn't possibly be real. I knew that sooner or later something would come up that would be a deal breaker. How could a guy so great be single?! I was prepared for all the usual scenarios - to find out he still calls his mother routinely for advice; that he isn't quite over his ex; that he has two kids by three different mothers; that he's eight months into his recovery from addiction - but it was none of the obvious things. We got past all the initial red flag zones with ease, I was very nearly to the point of thinking this might just be the one to last - Until now. I don't think it's something we can move past. I don't think it's something that I can see myself living with on a daily basis. While I adore this man, I think we have come to the deal-breaking impasse: WG loves coconut. How will we ever go on? :)


Katrina said...

Hey! Don't scare me like that! :P

Hillary said...

YES! I second Katrina! Yipes!

lol... word verification is gemeyed. Perfect!

Jennifer said...

I was getting so upset while reading're so mean!!!