Monday, April 11, 2011

They Do What?!

My folks generously offered to take the grandkids to Washington, D.C. over spring break. Flash was already scheduled to see his dad, but 14 year-old Birdy and 10 year-old George were excited about a trip to the nation's capital. Of all the things on their trip that my folks anticipated becoming conversation topics, the protestors outside the capital were not one of them. Their signs read: which of course, prompted George to ask: "What tip?" Ahh, the controversy of circumcision must now be explained to the boy who still believes farts are hysterical. My folks hung in the conversation long enough (much to Birdy's dismay and protestations) but finally relented with the trite, "Ask your father." Which George took to mean, "Ask your mother the minute you walk in the door at home." He was not amused when he learned what the process involved. He was even less amused when his mother shared that George is, in fact, circumcised. Controversy, indeed.

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