Saturday, March 12, 2011

Perhaps it's because the sun is shining outside but it's still too cold to actually do anything out there. Perhaps it's because after letting go of a student yesterday, I'm feeling the need to exert control over SOMEthing. Perhaps it's just Spring Fever. Whatever the cause, I woke early this morning itching to do something. Itching to move things. Itching to change things.

I lay in bed thinking about moving this piece of furniture and that piece of furniture. I thought about the mirror that never got hung once we moved in. I thought about the plants I'd like to hang in a couple of windows and the hooks I would need in the ceiling to do so. And while I itched to do these things, I dreaded them in the same breath - I can drill in a pinch, but I'm so afraid of doing it wrong and leaving a gaping hole in the wall. I would need help moving some of the furniture around and thought maybe I could get Flash's help when he wakes around 3pm.

But then I remembered...and so I sent a text. "Would you maybe help me hang a mirror later and put a couple plant hooks in the ceiling?"

And the reply that delights my soul - "Absolutely!"

And even beyond that, he says, "And I want to fix that eve trough that's hanging off the garage."

Where has he been all my life?

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