Monday, March 07, 2011

He Passed

Yesterday, WG braved the first Family Test. He hung out with my sister and Bear at a local home and garden show. We wandered through all the vendors, WG and I stopping at nearly every booth to ask a million questions for our million home-repair projects we both would love to do to our homes if we could just find that money tree. Jules and Bear wandered through eyeing these amazing outdoor grill -pagoda things. They have apparently FOUND the ellusive money tree.

In any case, we capped off the day with some amazing Chicago-style pizza. I am amazed at WG's charm - he must have done something right as he got my sister to PLAY CARDS. I haven't seen my sister play cards since I was 12!! (Thanks, Jules!)

Jules says he passes the sister test. WG says he wasn't scared away by my family, so I guess I can breathe a sigh of relief that neither scared the other away!

Now, let's just see if I can manage to not scare him away, either!

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