Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Magic List

Flash: "Hey Mom, when you are at the grocery store this weekend, can you pick up two different kinds of cereal for me?"

Mom: "Hey Flash?! I have something amazing to show you!! Do you see this paper on the side of the fridge? Do you see it? This is truly remarkable so pay close attention! When you take this pen and you write something on this paper, like, let's say, "Cheerios" and "oatmeal", on Sunday afternoon, when you roll out of bed at noon - now listen closely, here's the amazing part - the Cheerios and oatmeal will be in the cabinet!! I know, it's too much to even believe! It's astounding and remarkable and very nearly magical!! Go ahead. Try it! Put a few items on this piece of paper and see if they aren't not only in the house - but where they belong when you get up on Sunday!! Even more amazing, is that sometimes, there are things that you need, but you totally forget to put them on this magical piece of paper and do you know what?! They still SHOW UP! Like toilet paper, or sandwich bread, or even things to make a decent meal for KICK'N! (ahem). It's just amazing!!"

I got the teenage eye-roll from Flash for that one. I think that's a sign that I'm hysterically entertaining. But I could be wrong.

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