Saturday, August 01, 2009


One man.

Needs to have: a passion for Christ, a stable home, a love for children, a great sense of humor, an ability to laugh at himself, a spontaneous side, and a few things he is passionate about (even if they are football, perfecting BBQ chicken and Monty Python movies).

Should be: responsible, financially secure, and able to act his age (most of the time). A great listener, laid-back and able to decipher which secret statement at a party means, "Can we please leave now?"

Might: wish he still owned a motorcycle, be planning a vacation to Maine or Ireland, think the 42" plasma is inadequate for Monday Night Football, have regrets but he's forgiven himself and has moved on.

Doesn't want: me to be his savior, his mother, his housekeeper or his conscience. Prefers not to go shopping at the mall, to endure two chick-flicks in a row, and hates high-maintenance women.

Desires: to keep growing - in faith, in experience, in maturity - and a partner to enjoy the journey. (Secretly wishes to get a 12-point this Thanksgiving.)

Offers: more than just companionship. He wants a relationship that helps us both realize and accomplish our purposes for being here, and the desire to let God lead the way. (Note: might also come with a nice couch and big dog!)

Thinks: that true love is not old-fashioned, a Hollywood myth or something to be taken lightly. He understands it takes hard work, tenacity, courage, and a well-developed sense of humor. Also firmly believes the DH is a cop-out.

Is willing to: Cheer for the Red Sox (and against the Yankees), sit in silence at the lake, handle all things electronic, mechanical or related to plumbing, endure my singing in the car, be vulnerable, make mistakes, risk looking like a fool, and love completely and unconditionally.

Applications are currently being accepted.


~**Dawn**~ said...

And does he have a brother?


Myra said...

If only most men would understand what you wrote or even read blogs!!! Hahahahaha...ok, just thinking of mine! (My point is that, though he'd fit alot of that description he'd never know it, or read keep your hopes high, Abba is a great match maker!)