Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Top Ten

I texted Flash tonight and asked him to please come home as no one will play Yahtzee with me here. He texted me back to say that playing Yahtzee would be the fourth thing he did when he got home.

I got to thinking and sent him my top ten list of things Flash will do upon his return home:

1. walk the dog
2. clean the cat box
3. eat everything
4. lost 20 Yahtzee games to Mom
5. cook dinner all week
6. rebuild the K'nex thingy George broke.
7. eat again
8. do all the reading you should have done this summer
9. throw Jonah (the cat) down the hall
10. tell Mom you missed her.

His reply:

1. play with the dog
2. be glad I'm back
3. leave all my stuff right where it will drive you wacko and then move it.
4. win 50 Yahtzee games
5. Call my two best buds
6. take the dog out
7. tell the cat to leave me alone
8. unpack an astounding amount of STUFF
9. reply to the 5236 texts Dad sent me during that time
10. sleep in my own bed.

My message back? "Love the list! (mainly because there is no mention of food consumption in your top ten!)"

His reply: "That's items 11-15."

His next text: "And 16-20 is telling my mom I missed her and all about my summer."

Oh how I miss my boy.

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Mig said...

OMG! I think this made me teary-eyed!