Sunday, October 13, 2013

Our pastor this morning spoke about the difference between being irritated, agitated and frustrated and how it relates to surrendering.  I think I am beginning to understand the difference with the help of The Mister.

When the little red squirrel that chewed two holes in the side of our house last spring returns this weekend for another go at it, The Mister is irritated.  When The mister spends the afternoon pulling off a gutter! cutting and patching together material to permanently block the little bugger from getting back in the new holes he has chewed The Mister is agitated.  When The mister gets out of the shower to hear the sounds of the squirrel chewing in a whole new place on the roof, he is truly frustrated.

The Mister isn't getting out his tar, his metal, or new boards for dealing with the problem now.  At this point, I believe the squirrel is going to meet The Mister's gun.  

I would like to recommend to the squirrel that at this point, it is best just to surrender.  And find a new home to chew in to.  

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