Saturday, October 05, 2013

More Than a Promise

In the mail today was confirmation.  When we moved back to the Midwest 7 years ago, we strategically chose to live in Kalamazoo so Flash would qualify for The Promise.  Seeing the dollar figures associated with Flash's schools of choice are enough to make a person tremble (or maybe that was just The Mister's response).  The Promise is what allows Flash to put University of Michigan at the top of his list and for his parents to speak of it as a realistic option.  

We spent our morning at Michigan State, exploring the College of Engineering.  We expect it will come down to being a Spartan or a Wolverine when decision time arrives.  But for Flash, who has worked hard to create open doors for himself, he will get to choose a school based on where his passions lie, and not just based on financial support. 

Thank you, Kalamazoo.  

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