Saturday, April 20, 2013

The One To Know

The Mister has been researching televisions for weeks. I don't know if it is because my screen has a titled image or because the sports stations are now making their score boxes so small that our old eyes can't read them, but The Mister had reserved some wedding gift money specifically for this purpose and was finally ready to purchase something new.

Finally home, but too cold to do anything outside, The Mister decided today was the day to go get and install our new TV.  We all headed along with him, me to give my stamp of approval, Flash to ensure all technical needs were met.  After promising that I really did love it, and that I was perfectly fine with us making this purchase, I wandered off to let the boys deal with the actual purchase and acquisition of the coveted item.

Looking back at the boys standing in line together, I saw The Mister look at me and then whisper something to Flash with concern.  I saw Flash look my way, chuckle and then assure The Mister with a shake of his head and a smile.

I learned later The Mister, seeing my look from several aisles away, appealed to the teenager, "Flash, I know you've been in this situation before.  Tell me honestly, am I dead?"  Checking my expression for himself, Flash was able to reassure The Mister that no, he was far from dead.  

It's true.  On both counts.  The Mister is certainly not in the doghouse for the purchase.  And the teenager would be the one to know.

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